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I hear you and feel your pain, ladies!  I am now 52 years old and holy buckets, have things changed for me physically in the past three years.  Have you found yourself gaining unwanted weight and body fat in areas you didn’t even know were possible?  Have you had less of an appetite and been consuming less but the scale is creeping up? Or, suddenly your clothes don’t fit you the same?  That boat – I was in it and extremely unhappy about it too.  In order to find our balance, we need to broaden our approach with solutions and seek out support in the proper areas from professionals.

Menopause and the changes that come with it are real and no joke.  In my younger years, I have to admit, I poo-pooed this a bit when I would hear my female clients complain about being peri-meno or in full-on menopause.  Now, to be honest, there are definitely women who hide behind menopause and use it as an excuse to be less active and consume more calories.  I’m here to tell you, now is the time we need to be more active!  Our metabolisms change when we arrive in menopause and we need to adjust our activity levels and compliment that by what we are consuming.  It can be tricky. 

Another major consideration are our hormone levels and how they are affected.  In fact, the hormone piece is a game-changer.  We can do “all the things” but if our hormones are out of whack, most of what we attempt can be futile.  It is no mystery or news flash (or do I mean “hot flash”, wink) that menopause affects our hormones, but what does that actually mean? In order to get the best and most accurate answers and solutions, it is important to seek the help and advice of a professional.  An analysis of a blood test is a must to get a clear understanding of your baseline and the areas that need attention. The good news is, there are fairly simple solutions to many imbalances. Not sure where you are in the menopause stage? Click here to take a quiz.

I wish I had consulted a professional sooner than I did instead of trying to figure it all out myself.  I was cocky and thought, “Hey, I AM a professional in this arena, I can do this on my own.”  Boy, was I wrong.  The bottom line is, it is never about just one thing or one right solution when it comes to health, wellbeing and fitness.  Our bodies (and minds) are SO complex that there is almost always a variety of approaches that need to be taken to get to a healthier place.  Yep, even for us pro’s.  My main message to you is this, don’t just curl up in a ball and say,  “Whelp, this is it.” and settle for feeling miserable and helpless.  There are resources out there!  Seeking the help of professionals in their field is the answer. 

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Happiness and health to you, friend.

Kelly A Ferraro, CFN, CCNS