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The topic of diet and nutrition can be complicated and overwhelming. Should we be eating carbohydrates or not? Is sugar bad for us? Last week fats were bad and today they are good. Yikes. Concerned with getting our kids the proper nutrition, what does that look like given all the information and misinformation we can find out there about food and diet? 

If you’re a parent like me, you’re always focused on getting your kiddos the proper nutrition every day. Here are some of my top tips for parents and educators when it comes to nutrition, balance and best practices around food and nutrition. You can do this!

Top Tips

  • Make buying and serving healthy, nutrient dense foods a priority.  The majority of what is in your cart should include fresh or frozen vegetables (eat the rainbow), lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef to name a few), low fat dairy and fruits.  That way, allowing and enjoying Sometimes Foods (chips, cake, sweet treats, pizza, highly processed foods) will not be nearly as unhealthy as if they are the staples in your pantry.
  • When allowing your kids to have snacks like chips, pretzels get them in the habit of taking out a serving, putting it into a bowl and then putting the bag away.  This ensures proper portions are being consumed and it is less likely they will go back for more if the bag is not still sitting on the counter.  And, by the way, that is a super good tip for us adults too!  
  • Avoid buying juice!  Juice is not the same as eating fruit, even if the label says “100% fruit juice”.  Drinking juice is essentially like drinking sugar water.  It is always best to eat the actual fruit so your body can benefit from getting the fiber and go through the process of actually breaking down and digesting the solid food.
  • Be sure your kids are well hydrated from drinking mainly plain water.  
  • Don’t assume your kids won’t eat or try new foods that are healthy.
  • Walk the walk.  We as parents and educators are meant to be role models for our children.  If they consistently see us eating healthy, making good choices while out to eat and not over indulging in junk and fast food, they will learn to live a healthy lifestyle too. 

Don’t Forget Activity

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a big plug here for activity and exercise.  In today’s world of smartphones and online gaming among other sedentary activities, we must be encouraging kids to be active and providing them the opportunity for exercise. Team sports are a fantastic way for kids to get active, bond with their friends and have fun.  If your kiddo isn’t the team sports type, no worries.  There is research around exercise and how getting outside can do wonders for health and mood.  Simply walking, playing in a park or running and other simple activities count.  Nike has always said it best – Just Do It!

Kelly Brennan, CFN, CCNS

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