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The Art of Living Preventatively

If there has ever been a time to live preventatively, I believe the time is now!  The Dictionary defines prevention in the following way:   prevention  [prəˈven(t)SH(ə)n]  NOUN  the action of stopping something from happening or arising.   Putting It into Practice Simply stated, living preventatively means making the healthiest and best choices as often as possible […]

Got Habits? Good Ones?!

Building better habits can be the key to unlocking a better version of yourself! We know what we should do. Why don’t we do it? There are lots of great quotes about ‘habits’ out there, such as, ‘Habits Are Your Anchor for the Unexpected.’ They’re powerful and they get our attention. We agree with them, but we […]

Health and Fitness Goals Thrive on It. It’s The Secret to Almost Everything…

I have a secret and I can’t wait to share it! The secret to almost everything is…drumroll please… consistency. When people come to me and ask me what the single most important thing is when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, my answer is always consistency!  That may sound obvious or even boring but […]