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I have a secret and I can’t wait to share it!

The secret to almost everything is…drumroll please… consistency. When people come to me and ask me what the single most important thing is when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, my answer is always consistency!  That may sound obvious or even boring but I’m here to tell you it is the secret to being successful at almost everything.  Especially when it comes to fitness and having a healthy body. 

Why do I know consistency is the secret to success and achievement?

Having been in the nutrition, fitness and weight management industry for 20+ years, I have seen it all (well, almost).  And the one thing I have come away with is, whenever people struggle to succeed in any sort of exercise and/or weight loss program it is because of their lack of consistency with it. Simply put, if you don’t stick with it, you won’t see positive results.

I don’t use the word “promise” very often but, I will right now.  I promise you that if you walk up to anyone who looks like they are healthy and in good shape, they will tell you they have some sort of routine they follow – consistently.

Do you know what helps with consistency?  A coach.  Someone who can hold you accountable and support you when you just don’t feel like it or you’re unsure of what to do.  Even the best of us struggle with staying on task. We all try to ignore the devil on our shoulder taunting us to eat the doughnut in the break room or skip our workout. In an article about the top 9 characteristics of Olympic athletes, at the top of the list at number one is consistency. Number five is the coach-athlete relationship. See, even Olympic athletes need the support of a coach.

A close second to consistency is persistence when it comes to being successful at achieving health goals and making progress with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.  Dr. Willo Wisotsky, a NY State Licensed Psychologist says, “While persistence can help overcome challenges, staying consistent is what produces lifelong changes in our health. When we are contemplating change and are inconsistent, where does our health goals go? On a detour.”  There are solid behaviors and mindset strategies she outlines that can be very helpful if you are struggling with knowing where to start or getting back on track.

I like the following quote from Marie Forleo, “Consistency is the key to success in every area of your life — from nurturing your relationships to having incredible health and fitness, to growing a thriving business.” I love that she includes relationships in her insightful quote. After all, one of our most important relationships is with ourselves.

Happiness and health to you, friend.

Kelly A Brennan, CFN, CCNS